Upright Vaccum

Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning performance

Powered by its own motor, the brush rotates at a steady speed and applies uniform pressure – independent of the selected suction power. The rotation ensures intense deep action and thereby especially thorough cleaning of heavily used, robust carpeting. "Heavily trodden paths" across carpets are avoided. The electrobrush can be switched off and is thus also suitable for smooth floors.

Extra powerful on carpets

No other floor covering is as cosy and inviting as a carpet. Miele has developed the Dynamic U1 to ensure proper care. It has the special feature of an integrated roller brush which cleans carpet fibres thoroughly whilst carefully cleaning and restoring the pile.

Automatic height adjustment

The roller brush of the integrated "Power Plus" electrobrush is spring-loaded, allowing it to automatically adjust to the pile of the carpet. This ensures perfect cleaning results all the time. The electrobrush is equipped with a footswitch for easy transition over carpet edges.


The Dynamic U1 is equipped with a unique double-swivel joint. This makes it surprisingly manoeuvrable and easily able to pass over or around obstacles.

Slimline design

The double swivel joint and slender body on the Dynamic U1 make it possible: vacuuming under beds, tables, and sideboards is very easy.

Operating radius

10 m long cable, telescopic tube, and flexible suction hose: the Dynamic U1 provides you with an operating radius of 14 m. This enables large areas to be vacuumed with ease as there is no need to frequently switch sockets.

Upright Vaccum Cleaners

What our customers say about us?
What our customers say about us?