Mini Upright Vaccum

Miele Mini Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning performance

High motor power alone does not guarantee a good vacuum cleaner. With Miele, a number of design characteristics interact in a most efficient manner. The tight seal of Miele vacuum cleaner housing and perfect air flow ensure strong suction of the floorhead. Miele has developed especially efficient floorheads for low wattage vacuum cleaners; they achieve perfect cleaning results even with the lowest power setting.

Ergonomic double slide switch

The switch is positioned on the elbow of the handle for easy and ergonomic operation. The current power level is always visible.

Operating radius

Miele stick vacuum cleaners offer you the freedom of a 9- metre operating radius. This allows you to vacuum even large surfaces without effort as there is no need to frequently switch power points.

Quick-release cable hook

Two cable hooks as well as the practical cable clip secure the supply lead to the casing – tidy and always at hand. When work starts the cable can be released quickly by turning the lower cable hook upwards.

Good manoeuvrability

Miele stick vacuum cleaners have a slender casing and an extra low centre of gravity. This makes them very light and manoeuvrable. They glide easily on their metal soleplate even through small homes with lots of furniture.

Easy to store

Compact, slender, lightweight - these advantages enable the Miele stick vacuum cleaner to be stored conveniently. It requires very little storage space and thanks to the integrated non-slip stopper it rests securely against the wall. Or you can save space by hanging it up; a sturdy holder is integrated in the handle.

Mini Upright Vaccum Cleaners

What our customers say about us?
What our customers say about us?