Washing Machine Technology Explained

Washing Machine Technology Explained

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We’ve all been there, shopping for a new washing machine or appliance, only to be confused by the latest features or programmes without a clear understanding of what they do. The latest washing machines make use of conventional programmes, such as a cotton wash, and more modern high-tech programmes. When choosing a washing machine, it is important to consider which programmes and features you want and which you do not as some of these come at a premium. Generally, the more expensive and high quality the machine, the more features will come with the appliance.


AI DD – Automatic Weight Detection

LG’s latest Direct Drive motor, AI DD, makes intelligent decisions for you. Utilising Artificial Intelligence the appliance weights the current load of laundry, check the softness of the fabric and then optimises a wash pattern for your laundry based on these factors. This ensures that your laundry is cleaned to perfection every time and even increases fabric protection.


Like the sound of this feature? Check out the F4V308WNW 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine which has this and more!


i-DOS – Automatic Dosing

Bosch’s i-DOS technology takes all the decision making out of doing the laundry. This feature utilises intelligent sensors to detect the load volume, fabric type, degree of dirt on the fabrics and even water hardness in order to determine the correct amount of detergent and cycle, giving you perfectly clean laundry wash after wash.


Various Bosch appliances on our website feature i-DOS. Check out the WAU28PH9GB!


SpeedPerfect – Speed up your cycles

Many Bosch machines now offer SpeedPerfect, this utilises state of the art technology to speed up various cycles on the appliance. Bosch claim that this setting can reduce was times by up to 65%, meaning your laundry will be done in no time. This setting can be activated by selecting your favourite programme, for example cottons, and then clicking the SpeedPerfect button to bring that wash time down significantly.


Interested? Shop the range of Bosch appliances with SpeedPerfect!


Home Connect – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & NFC connectivity

The latest trend with washing machines and other appliances is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC connectivity. These allow you to remotely monitor and control your washing machine using an app on your smartphone or tablet. HomeConnect is one such feature present on Bosch, Neff and Siemens appliances which allows you to start, stop and pause cycles or receive alerts when your laundry has finished, all from the comfort of your phone. Some apps can detect issues with the appliance and others allow the download of additional cycles to suit all your laundry needs.

Other manufacturers also offer their own version of this feature, such as the Wizard app from Hoover, which utilises NFC to control and monitor the appliance, or HomeWhiz from Beko and Blomberg, which utilises Bluetooth, so be sure to shop around and find the right appliance for you.


Interested in building a smart home? Check out the models below!


  • Bosch WAU28PH9GB 9kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - WAU28PH9GB
  • Beko WEC84P64E2W 8kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - WEC84P64E2W
  • Hoover H3W4105TE 10kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine - H3W4105TE


After More Information?

If you're still unsure on certain features or just want advice? Why not pop into the Albany Appliance Centre in Rickmansworth, our specialist staff are always on hand to give you advice and help wherever we can, we even offer site surveys if you’re unsure where to even begin, our engineer will come down and advise you and even take measurements.

We offer an expert installation service using our in-house engineers and free delivery to Rickmansworth, Northwood, Pinner, Sarratt, Denham, Maple Cross, Chorleywood, Croxley Green and Watford. Have an old one to take away? We can also recycle your old appliance in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. Should anything go wrong in the future, our engineers are available to diagnose faults and repair your appliances.


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