Steam ovens are gaining in popularity

Steam oven functions for sensational flavour packed full of goodness

Steam ovens are gaining in popularity thanks to their ability to create healthy and nutritious meals with a minimum of fuss. Helping you spend less time in the kitchen and providing a plethora of balanced meals packed to the brim with vitamins and minerals, the Neff range of ovens complete with VarioSteam® technology makes for a fantastic addition to any kitchen.

Read on to discover the nutritional benefits of cooking with steam and why a Neff oven with VarioSteam® function can help you provide quick, healthy and tasty meals for the whole family.

  • Lowers cholesterol

Cooking meats with a higher fat content such as lamb or pork with a Neff oven with VarioSteam® function helps remove excess fat from the meat so it can be easily discarded.

Conventional cooking methods such as baking or frying cook the fat into the meat where it is absorbed, making them less healthy than a piece of meat that has been steamed.

When you steam meat, it also removes the need to add additional fat or oil to aid the cooking process, making it a much healthier alternative that retains its taste and moisture.

  •  Retains colour, flavour and nutrients

The VarioSteam® function offered by Neff ovens creates healthier dishes by locking in your food’s nutrients and flavour.

Cooking with steam keeps the vegetables or meat closer to their raw state than any other method of cooking, so vitamins, minerals and vibrant colours are retained and your veggies won't turn to mush as can be the case with boiling.

Neff ovens with an integrated steam function are simple to operate too - simply open the front panel and fill the container with water and you’re ready to start cooking with steam!

  • Endless recipe ideas

From Sunday roasts to delicious desserts and summer menus, there are so many recipes that can be created using a Neff oven with a steam function.

Whatever the occasion, you can find a vast range of inspirational recipes for the novice cook or cookery professional that everyone will love and will be incredibly tasty and healthy too.

Neff ovens with VarioSteam® come with a wide range of settings making anything possible, from vegetable side dishes, succulent meats that fall off the bone, warming winter stews and easy seafood dishes to traditional steamed puddings and show-stopping cakes. With so many options, you are certain to find dishes to suit every member of the family.





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What our customers say about us?