Proud Sponsors of LDGA: Learn Grow Develop Achieve Football Club

Proud Sponsors of LDGA: Learn Grow Develop Achieve Football Club

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Here at Albany, we believe that football is something all children should get an opportunity to enjoy, no matter their race, age, or ability. That’s why we’ve been searching for another local youth team or club to sponsor that shares these values. LGDA is a local club that fits this profile, that’s why we’ve decided to sponsor them.


About the club

LGDA (Learn Grow Develop Achieve) are an FA Chartered Standard Girls Youth Football Club based in Watford and was formed in June 2019 with one team. They now have 3 teams ranging from the age of under 8s to under 11s. As with most charities they are run by volunteers who are DBS checked and all their coaches have FA qualifications in coaching football, ensuring a safe and fun environment for the girls in which they can develop their football ability and grow as a person.


At LGDA they aim to provide football in a safe & friendly environment to female players from all ethnic backgrounds and ability. Even those who have never played football before. Their focus doesn’t lie on elite players, but on the individual growth of the children, developing their sporting and social skills through encouragement and allowing the players to express themselves and make their own decisions. In terms of coaching, their style is to teach the players the fundamentals of the sport, before challenging their understanding with questions that match realistic scenarios in a game environment. This is done to further develop their understanding of the sport and to aid their growth as a player.


Check them out!

Interested in volunteering to help or enrolling your kids into the club?


Check out their Website for more about the club!

Check out their Facebook for upcoming events and updates!


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