Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

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Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the latest appliances. With compact and slimline appliances on the market there’s something for everyone, no matter the size of their kitchen, and with built-in or integrated appliances, you can ensure they fit the look of your kitchen with no disruptions. Before purchasing any appliance, it is important to consider the size of the spaces you have available and where you want them to go. Dishwashers and washing machines need to be plumbed in, so these appliances are best placed next to the sink, whereas fridges are freezers need only be plugged in, so can sit comfortably where there's space.

Making the Most of Your Space

With limited space available you might not have space for one of each appliance, this is where combination and slimline appliances come into play. These appliances combine the functions of other appliances into one, these range from combination microwaves to washer dryers and offer the same great features that you would find on their solo counterparts.

Washer Dryers – Wash & Dry

Wash dryers are one compact appliance that is perfect for those of us who are short on space. It combines the functions of both a washing machine and a tumble dryer and so is perfect when there’s not enough space for both, no longer do you have to pick one appliance and miss out on the features of the other. You might think that as these appliances are combined you will miss out on the latest features, that is not the case. Most washer dryers stock all the same features as dedicated washing machines.

Slimline dishwashers - Slide into Narrow Spaces

Think you don’t have enough space for a dishwasher? think again. Slimline dishwashers have a smaller width than standard, 15cm less to be exact, and so will slot nicely into your kitchen, even if you have limited space. Slimline dishwashers might sacrifice some space, but they do not sacrifice performance. These appliances run just as efficiently as their full-size counter parts and even boast the same features.

Many slimline dishwashers, such as those from Beko, offer a Mini 30 Programme. This programme can wash a full load of lightly soiled dishes in just 30 minutes, which is ideal for busy families.

Built-in Fridge Freezers - Hidden Away

Integrated fridge freezers are ideal for small kitchens. These appliances slot into the kitchen unit, providing storage space for your weekly shop without getting in the way. These fridge freezers have your cupboard door connected to the front, allowing them to fit seamlessly into the design of your kitchen.

Under Counter Larder Fridges & Freezers - Additional Storage

In need of more fridge or freezer space? Then a larder fridge or freezer is for you, these appliances will fit neatly under your worktop. Their smaller size makes them ideal as a primary appliance for a small family or as a secondary for a larger one. Beko’s range of larder freezers utilise a feature called FreezerGuard. This feature protects the appliance in temperatures as low as –15 degrees, keeping it running at optimum efficiency. This feature makes it perfect for storing the appliance in outbuildings or garages without the fear of your food spoiling.

Need Help?

Need a hand measuring the space you have available or simply unsure? Why not pop into the Albany Appliance Centre in Rickmansworth, our specialist staff are always on hand to give you advice and help wherever we can, we even offer site surveys if you’re unsure where to even begin, our engineer will come down and advise you and even take measurements.

We offer an expert installation service using our in-house engineers and free delivery to Rickmansworth, Northwood, Pinner, Sarratt, Denham, Maple Cross, Chorleywood, Croxley Green and Watford. Have an old one to take away? We can also recycle your old appliance in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. Should anything go wrong in the future, our engineers are available to diagnose faults and repair your appliances.

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