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Appliance Repairs – Airbnb Landlord Rented Accommodation 

Airbnb property fires can be attributed in some cases to guest misuse, faulty wiring or appliances, whilst damaged domestic appliance equipment can cause shock or, in rare events, burning. There are a number of important aspects to consider in your rented property to prevent such occurrences.

Albany are your friendly Appliance Repairs serving Chorley Wood, Loudwater, Watford, Northwood, Harrow, Croxley Green, Sarratt, Harefield and Herts to all Airbnb properties, domestic homes and rented Airbnb houses, offices and warehouses.

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We will still be delivering, installing and repairing appliances into customer homes in Hertfordshire, pop into our Rickmansworth store to browse and ask for helpful, knowledgeable advice.. We're a proud family owned business founded in 1975 giving you trust and confidence for over 45 years.

Airbnb Superhosts and Landlord Rental Properties

Landlords and Airbnb hosts know that thanks to increasingly higher standards, appliance installation and domestic electrical systems are now generally safer than ever for tenants and paying guests. However, the use of electricity in rented properties / Airbnbs have the potential to cause substantial damage to property and serious personal injury.

General Electrical Safety for Airbnb Properties

Should your property be over 40 years old it’s time to consider checking over your electrical safety. Since the 1970’s there’s been major technological evolvements in our society (smart phones, computers, flat screen HD TVs, etc.) and all of these electronics depend on having reliable energy sources and up to date fuses to function. Homes built 4 decades ago simply weren’t equipped for the power supply necessary for modern life.

Electrical circuit breakers trip more frequently. This is usually an indication that your appliances are either trying to pull more power than they can handle, or there is something amiss somewhere in your wiring circuits. If you notice that you are tripping breakers on regularly, it’s time to contact a local sparky.

Lights dimming or flickering when you turn on other appliances. This is another red flag that your electrical wiring is not handling the demands that modern appliances and 2020 electronics are trying to pull. Should you notice that your lights are dimming lights when the fridge freezer or air conditioning kicks in, it’s time to call 01923 778 770 for a quick phone chat at no charge.

Multiple extension cords or adapters to create additional electrical outlets for 3 pin plugs. Should you need an extension cord to get power to your phone charger, or you’re relying on a 4 gang power strip for your living room lights and lamps, Lux Installations will quickly and efficiently install new receptacles to declutter and improve the safety of your London property regardless of age.

Are you guilty of using more than one power cord throughout your home? Even for basic needs such as a hairdrier or DVD player then it’s time to reconsider

If you have an Edwardian or Victorian property, a complete or semi property rewire may be a prudent investment.

Did you know? Fixed electrical systems are to be inspected and tested AT LEAST once every 5 years for rented properties, Airbnb may not state this in writing but it’s highly recommended to take heed from other industries.

Our Appliance Repairs are completed by fully qualified individuals with full experience with all different kinds of domestic appliance repairs.

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It’s essential that all defective or problematic appliances need to be fixed or removed from the premises as soon as they are showing signs of being faulty.

Inspection and electrical testing on behalf of commercial properties, Landlords rented homes, and Airbnb hosts must be carried out by a competent person

Airbnb Hosts – Appliance Repairs, Spares Advice and more

Our team of experienced and skilled Appliance Repairs specialise in all manner of small appliances, from kettles to microwaves, vacuum cleaners and replacement bags, under counter fridges and larger scale American fridge freezers and integrated ovens, tumble driers and washing machines.

Due to the age and nature of most London buildings, fitting a new free standing appliance may present a few challenges which need to be overcome. Architectural features always need protection as do any other fixtures and features of Victorian or Edwardian construction.

This is why it’s of high importance to ensure measuring and clearance space is always catered for when replacing old with new appliances.

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What our customers say about us?