The New Miele Generation 7000 Dishwashers with PowerDisk

 Model Shown: G7362 SCVI

Miele’s New Gen7000 Dishwashers. Photo courtesy of Miele


The new Miele generation 7000 series is the worlds first dishwasher to include an automatic dispensing system.

Five models of the Generation 7000 dishwashers will include the dispenser for the new PowerDisks, these disks automatically dispense detergent into the appliance during the wash cycle improving the efficiency and quality of the cleaning.


What is PowerDisk?

Each disk is 15 centimetres wide and 4 centimetres thick and contains enough detergent for approximately 20 wash cycles. The disk will rotate at certain points in the cycle and release a pre-determined amount of detergent (roughly 7 grams of detergent per rotation). Each disk will rotate 2 – 4 times a cycle, meaning roughly 14 – 28 grams of detergent is used in a wash cycle. PowerDisk has been designed to use less detergent than other dosing Methods, making it easier on your pocket.


Miele’s PowerDisk Capsules for supported dishwashers. Photo courtesy of Miele


Each of the disks contains a specially formulated granular detergent combined with a rinse aid to provide complete cleaning functionality.

Glass or silverware placed into a PowerDisk dishwasher is protected thanks to its unique detergent formula. This will also ensure that all items washed come out spotless.

Using the auto programmes on the G7000 dishwashers will help reduce detergent usage, whilst maintaining a high standard of cleaning.


The Range

The generation 7000 dishwasher appliances have a magnitude of other features, such as 3D MultiFlex Tray, WiFi connectivity and AutoOpen drying, that will further improve the cleanliness of your dishes.

Shop the range of Generation 7000 dishwashers with PowerDisk today.

Miele G7310-SC

Miele G7312 SC

Miele G7315 SCI XXL

Miele G7310 SC

Miele G7362 SCVI


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